GoExport is a sales agency dedicated to promoting American products to international consumer markets.  Founded by Michael Fenton, an international sales professional and global adventurer, the company was established to help American companies tap into the high-speed growth of overseas markets.

The global population is currently 7.4 billion and is expected to grow to nearly 10 billion by 2050. While much of the world’s population is still poor, there are abundant opportunities to serve emerging middle-class and affluent consumers across Asia, Latin America and parts of Africa. The net worth of consumers in Asia has soared over the past few years and the continent now has more millionaires than North American and Europe.

Incomes are rising across Asia from the Indian subcontinent to the northern reaches of China, where upper-middle- class and affluent households will double to 100 million within the next few years. With this growth comes an increase in demand for high-value packaged foods, luxury brands and fashion accessories, health and personal-care products, household furnishings along with a variety of specialty consumer items.

E-commerce has exploded in China and India, and is ready to surge in Southeast Asia and Africa. Mobile technologies enable and motivate the younger generation of consumers to spend more on distinctive higher-priced items not normally found in stores. These technological and demographic trends are creating new markets and tremendous opportunities for American brands to gain a foothold beyond their borders.

How It Works


GoExport evaluates your product line and finds overseas partners and distribution channels using our established network.



Overseas partner evaluates product samples and negotiates trade terms and marketing plan with GoExport.


You agree to trade terms and GoExport delivers first order. You are paid cash up-front and prepare goods for pickup from your warehouse.